Virtual Visa Gift card
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Why buy a bitcoin debit card?

You may hear that buying bitcoin debit cards is very critical or unsafe but those are all only the myth. How you are buying or using the instant credit or debit card it is very similar to that way even easier than that. Also, you can buy the Virtual Visa Gift card  by the same process with some changes.

Virtual Visa Gift card

Every people who are using bitcoin for many years or people are using bitcoin as very new have to understand how to by the coin and what are the benefits and drawback by this coin and so on.

In this, you will get the step by step details and information about bitcoin. Let us get into the topic.

Purpose of buying bitcoin debit or credit card:

Generally, debit card usage is that it helps you to take out the money you had saved in the bank to your hand by a single swipe. But credit card is different first you will get the money from the bank as a short term loan and then you have to pay back to the bank. There are many advantages and disadvantages of both of the cards are,

  • It is very easy to get the money from where the place you are. In a virtual debit card it is very easy you do not want to search the ATM to withdraw your money.
  • The speed of the cash flow from an unknown place to your hand is very convincing.
  • The security is one of the best things that we can see it through if you have more money in your hand or the home it is not safe but if it is in the form of bitcoin then there is no problem to worry about.
  • You will get back your money without having any time delay. These are the major benefits of bitcoin debit card.
  • Some disadvantages are also available with these virtual cards. If you are using the common WIFI to do some transaction urgently then the person who owns it can easily access your profile it will create more trouble to your money.
  • So it is advisable to not use any common ports to do the transaction.
  • If you miss or your profile gets stolen by someone then also it is impossible to stop them not to make them use your money.
  • Then there is a common disadvantage is the fee that they are asking for to secure your money.
  •  Some people are thinking that it costs very high to secure the amount for this bitcoin debit card.

For buying your bitcoin debit card you have to use some of the details in it. They are as follows.

  • Like the normal bank account, you have to open or create your account using the coin base method.
  • Your account has to verified
  • Then you have to add your payment method
  • Then go to the bitcoin, select the amount that you wish to buy
  • By completing these steps then you will start receiving your coins directly to your wallet.