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Understand the best Option for the Requirement

Have you just received an Android smartphone and feel lost on this new ecosystem that is Android? In this tutorial, we will see together how to change the ringtone of calls, but also notifications or that of the alarm. In https://ringo-tones.com/ you can have the best option now.

Android smartphone

If you are not used to using an Android smartphone, even the most basic tasks can seem complex. Let’s start by seeing how to change the ringtones on your phone. As usual, if the images seem too small to be readable, do not hesitate to click on them to display them in full size.

Change your ringtone from settings

On Android, you can choose a custom ringtone from your phone’s settings. To do this, place your audio files in the Music folder of your smartphone from your computer. Then download the Cheetah Mobile File Manager app or the manager of your choice from the Google Play Store. Note that some manufacturers, including Samsung for example, directly offer to choose music from the phone memory without having to go through a third-party file manager. Everything is in place for us to choose a personalized ringtone. Go to the Sounds menu in the Settings of your smartphone. Depending on your version of Android, the name may differ slightly.

Settings> Sound> Phone ringtone, notification or alarm

In this settings menu, it is then possible to modify the ringtone of calls, notifications in general and the alarm clock. Click on one of these fields and a menu appears, asking you to complete the action with one of the applications capable of performing the task. To use one of the default Android ringtones, choose Media Storage, and to use your own music, choose File Manager. Take care to always select only once when asked to have the choice later.

With multimedia storage, a list appears immediately. Tap on the name of the sounds to listen to them, then confirm with OK. With the file manager, tap Audio to have the app display your audio files, then tap the file you want to select. To change the ringtone for notifications and calls, the procedure is exactly the same, but with the corresponding menu.

What if I want the chorus and not the start of the song?

All of these methods assume that the audio file in question begins directly with the sound you want to set as a ringtone. However, most of the time we don’t want to hear the beginning of the song, but its refrain or a particular passage. This is where the Ringtone Maker application comes in, which allows you to edit a song to extract only a specific part.


We saw how to choose your own ringtones and notification sounds on Android. In this one, we are going to push personalization a little further by assigning a specific ringtone to a contact. Very practical, this feature will allow you to know who is calling you before you even look at your phone. Several methods exist depending on your device and its brand, we will see them together.

From an Android stock version

This technique is valid for OnePlus, Google Nexus and Pixel smartphones or any device running a stock version of Android. For this part, the manipulations and screenshots are those of one plus 5T running Android Oreo. The handling is very simple to perform. First, open the Contacts app on your Android smartphone. In our case, this is the Google Contacts app.

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