Ex Proof AC

Trust Aero Air Conditioner for Better Performance

Aero conditioner has the standard design for the air conditioning unit, making it suitable for the severe environment. The manufacturers of the modern HVAC pieces of equipment make the air-conditioning and the ventilation products for milder conditions and light industries. Thus, when the customers require pieces of equipment for the more difficult and even more severe situations, they should order specially. As per the requirement of the customer, some companies modify the existing product.

Ex Proof AC

Suitable Under Severe Conditions:

The Ex Proof AC is built with the individual components, which include direct motors of drive, blower wheels of aluminum, which helps to prevent the build-up of static electricity. It consists of the cable glands for sealing the joints from the arcing of sparks and the NEMA 7 boxes, which is also of cast aluminum. Aero conditioner company is highly reputed for the manufacturing of explosion-proof air conditioners. It manufactures the explosion-proof air conditioners for the hazardous classes, divisions, and groups. When they are building an explosion-proof air conditioner, they make it in a way that functions in the harsh duty areas. It included the corrosive environments, dusty, high altitude, hot and cold, humid, extreme pressure environment, vibrating areas. It is just to ensure the durability and the powerful performance in even such demanding terrific conditions.

No Remodeling of Air Conditioners:

Aero air conditioner builds the industrial air conditioning units exclusively. They are never interested in modifying the existed air conditioners as per the requirements of the customer. They would design the air conditioners from the first step newly. Though there are possibilities for modifying the residential air conditioners, which are lightweight, they do not prefer them. There are even the possibilities to make changeovers in the commercial units also. This ultimate focus on the solid construction of the products ensures the air conditioners to perform better even more than the lightweight pieces of equipment which are modified.

Exclusive Cabinet Designs:

While comparing the products from the outer look, the explosion-proof air conditioners will have the same look as the standard units. It has no increase in the size of the equipment and it also does not have the explosion-proof box in the outside area of the material. This is because they initially design the units with an idea of making adaptations inside the cabinets. As many of the air conditioners can be used in hazardous areas, then it should be explosion-proof.

Aero air conditioner uses the compressors exclusively, which are recognized by the underwriter’s Laboratories. Thus, they are suitable for usage in hazardous locations. For the dangerous areas, open compressors are not certified and so the company is transparent in using the certified compressor given by UL. Thus, this company is a trusted company for buying explosion proof air conditioners. The company also uses safe control measures intrinsically and also has the monitoring systems. They can be used during the appropriate situations for enabling the remote control installation.

The specifications, as mentioned above, make the Aero air conditioner company be in the top rank among all the other companies. Thus it has created its position with valuable and worthy conditioners.

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