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The way of taking electric energy from nature

The energy from the sun is called solar energy.

Suppose you have the solar panels in your house in the morning time you need not use the electricity. Solar will give you electricity from the sun rays that produce the heat. It will convert into electricity, and you can use it freely. By buying the solar panels once in your lifetime, you can save more money instead of paying to the government. This is very useful for the family. Solar panels are provided at a low price than the windmill. You only decide on the Power to Choose . It was the gift of God. Sun is nature. From morning to evening, you can save the sun’s energy, which was held into the power batteries. You can use it at any time. It is free of cost. It will be very useful to the people who live in the village and cities. In Cities nowadays, most of them have solar panels in their housetop. It was the one-time spending. Once you buy it, then solar energy works to your home daily, and its lifespan is high. But you need to maintain the solar panels clean and safe place.

The electric energy that is taken from water is called hydraulic power.

Power to Choose

The hydraulic energy takes from the water. In India, there are many dams in that dams. They are taking the energy from that water that is stored in the dam. They will save the energy to the power station and supply it to the nearby areas. The government has huge benefits by stir in power and delivering to the cities. It is the most efficient to generate electric energy.

The turbines will convert the water speed into energy. And that energy will save to the power station. It was the oldest method. But still, it keeps running on.

It was a beautiful invention. The electric energy is essential nowadays.

The energy is used for all basic purposes like a water heater, fan, light, and so many, etc..…. The power from the hydraulic is the best. Hydraulic means nothing but that the essential water another name.

The energy from the wind is known as wind energy.

We need a lot of space for wind energy to fit the big windmill and their huge three fans. That all of us know about the windmills, it is very large in windmill a turbine is fixed to create electric power with the help of wind air a particular speed of the wind is needed to spin the wings in the windmills if the spin of branches in the windmills can produce the electricity. However, the turbine many windmills are required for creating much electric power you can see in some places there are more than 100 windmills are producing electricity because one windmill is not enough for sufficient electricity, so there are many windmills placed in a particular place where the wind is highly in the atmosphere the windmills are located in such areas for more electricity production the turbine can produce electric power and store it in storage.

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