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The Keeping of the Workspace Environment Proper

The work environment is one of the pillars of the company’s support. This is an important factor for business financial results and the quality of life of leaders and employees. But it is not easy to improve this organizational climate. When the alarm goes off, are you excited and excited to do the day’s tasks, or do you notice a headache starting just by imagining the conflicts that will arise in the company? From Molino Stewart you will have every kind of support in the works.

Molino Stewart

The answer to the question can provide powerful insights into the organization’s work environment. The concept permeates precisely the various social, physical and cultural conditions that make up the corporate space. And that, of course, has a direct reflection on the productivity and revenue of any company.

So, do you want to dig deeper into the importance of the workplace and explore the best strategies to ensure a great organizational climate? Read on to delve into the topic, ensure better results for your business and gain greater peace of mind in your daily routine.

What is Work Environment? Meaning and Concept

The work environment is the space where leaders and teams meet daily to develop practical actions related to their respective work activities. But of course, the concept goes far beyond this definition. To truly understand the role and importance of the work environment, it is worthwhile to break these words a little further.

The word comes from the Latin term ambiance and is used with the meaning of what surrounds, surrounds, surrounds. In its most diverse applications, the term covers the circumstances – or even the conditions around a particular object.

It sounds abstract, but if you think of other uses of the word environment, social environment, legal environment, for example, you’ll find that it makes sense. Even, according to experts, there are at least four distinct definitions of the environment:

  • Set of physical, biological and chemical conditions surrounding living things and things
  • Set of psychological, socio-cultural and moral conditions that surround a person and may influence his behavior
  • Circumstances, positive or negative, that involve people; an atmosphere
  • Place or space that is occupied or where one lives.

Already the word work derives from the Latin tripalium which, curiously, was a tool used to immobilize animals before being screwed in antiquity. Currently, however, the term is used to refer to the productive activity of human beings.

According to the dictionary definition, the main working definitions are:

  • Set of productive or intellectual activities performed by man to generate a utility and achieve a certain purpose.
  • Professional, regular, paid or paid employment, subject of a labor contract.
  • The exercise of this activity.
  • Place where this activity is performed.
  • Any work, manual, artistic, intellectual performed; enterprise, achievement.

It may seem a bit tiring to reflect on each term separately, but note that it will now be easier to understand globally what the concept of the workplace means and all that it entails. In general terms, the work environment is the space associated with the conditions in which certain people perform their professional activities also permeating all the circumstances that influence the operation of a company. This list includes air quality, safety, chair ergonomics, people’s moods, machine operation, work routines, among many others.

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