How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Book Summary

The Del Carnegie Options for a Hearty Living

In 1911, Dale Carnegie ceased to engage in trade and began to independently teach rhetoric and stage skills. In October 1912, he began lecturing in his first group, organized by the Christian Association of Young People. A few months later, his course gained such popularity that instead of the usual rate of two dollars per evening, the HAML management began to pay him thirty dollars each.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Book Summary

Having heard about the successes of a young teacher from New York, his course began to be included in adult education programs in the HAML centers of neighboring cities. Following, other professional clubs began to turn to Carnegie with a similar request. His writings on How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Book Summary will show you his version of the life. Truth to be told it is an outstanding work that you should be aware of now. This is the reason that having a perfect idea of how he saw life and the results for it.

In 1922, Dale changed his surname from Carnegie to Carnegie

Dale Carnegie gradually developed a unique system of teaching communicative communication skills, which includes the basic rules of relationships between people. He persistently engaged in research in this area, and as a result, his system turned out to be so unique that he registered a copyright for it. His lectures on the art of communication and influence on the interlocutor were very popular, and brochures diverged instantly. In 1926, Dale Carnegie’s first monograph, Oratory and Influence on Business Partners, appeared on the shelves. His name immediately became associated with the image of a successful and happy person. By the way, it is at the expense of the name. In 1922, Carnegie changed the spelling of his surname from Carnegie to Carnegie, becoming the namesake of the famous American millionaire.

In November 1936, his new book, How to Make Friends and Influence People, was published, containing brief tips on how to behave better in order to win the sympathy of others. The audience was delighted. The book began to be in incredible demand. In 1948, another book was published and devoted to ways to overcome stress and how to activate common sense.

Releasing a chapter on the rules of a happy marriage, he himself divorced secretly

Towards the end of his life, he became the most popular person in the world who earned a fortune. However, in the fate of Carnegie there were many paradoxes. Despite the fact that his theory helped tens of thousands of people, things were not so smooth in his personal life. Releasing a chapter on the rules of a happy marriage, he secretly prepared himself for divorce. The second attempt at marriage was also unsuccessful. In the last years of his life, he suffered from an incurable disease of lymphoid tissue. Dale Carnegie passed away at the age of sixty-six. According to one version, unfortunately, it was a suicide. His writings spoke for his requirement. This is where you can have a perfect requirement to know life here.

Meanwhile, he constantly studied books on trade, learned to save and spend money wisely in order to open his own business in the future. Soon, having enough money in his hands, he quit his previous job. After moving to New York, Carnegie briefly studied at the Academy of Theater Arts and at the same time sold suitcases and ties.

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