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In order to obtain permanent residency in Australia, every applicant is trying best to gather and add maximum points to their profile. NAATI-CCL Test has come to aid as it is an easy language test that finishes in just 20-30 minutes where you are just translating your language other than English into English and vice-versa. Once passed, you can add 5 extra points to your file.

Now, the question arises how to prepare, what are the tips for clearing NAATI-CCL test and what mistakes to avoid getting passing marks of 63. There are few things to consider optimising your standards of performance. These are:

1. There are some mistakes that need to be avoided which include omission, grammar, lack of fluency and conveying wrong meanings.

  • Omissions include major facts, figures and specifically the adverbs that can change the meaning completely.
  • Grammatical errors are the ones in which a student mixes the gender like he/she and tenses where an act done in the past should not be translated into present or continuous tense.
  • To score better your speed of answering should be swift and avoid adding fillers and gaps.
  • To convey wrong meanings, refer to translating a sentence into what doesn’t mean.

2. Develop efficient note taking skills: as the segments will have three to four sentences where a conversation is going on, one needs to build up a strong note taking methods to fasten the process and have whole information in your notes.

3. Practicing a lot of dialogues like the real test of NAATI-CCL can improve your listening skills along with your capacity to retain information for longer time in order to present back the whole answer correctly.

4. To be realistic, all the scenarios of the test will be completely related to the real Australian lives such as an immigrant going to general practitioner for his or his family illness, centre link for some schemes application, to embassy for visa related queries, to police for some offence done by him or for filing a complaint against some offence, going to gym for membership, etcetera.

After reading this blog, if you follow the given tips and strategies as said, you will certainly attain your target score and grab your 5 points for the permanent residency.

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