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Perfect Steps in WordPress Plugins for You

So if you have difficulty looking beyond the images, it might be good (if you have some experience with Photoshop) to take screenshots of the demo site and modify it with the images or even better the graphics that you are planning to use on your site, to have a more accurate view. Pay a lot, also read the sales descriptions found on the product page of the WordPress template. The use of WordPress Plugins is essential.

WordPress Plugins

Here the author will list the main features of the template and share bonuses, for example, some themes include many premium plugins in the price sometimes up to a value of $ 100.

The product page includes four other blocks of information that are noteworthy for attention:

A number of sales: If a template sells thousands of licenses it is possible that it is a good template, and the developer will have the resources to continue updating and improving it.

The votes of those who buy – good themes will attract good votes and vice versa (so be careful also of the number of votes that a template receives).

Latest update – A WordPress Themeforest template that has not had an update for a long time, is more exposed to problems of security vulnerability and compatibility with the new versions of WordPress. If it has not been updated for years, this data suggests that this template has been abandoned and may never receive updates, nor support again.

Comments – less important than they once were, but the comments section is a good place to look for detailed impressions of those who buy.

The comments also give you insight into how frequent a developer’s response time is and how it usually handles problems.


But we already know everything about how to use WordPress, it’s not difficult! we won’t need any help, so what the hell is assistance for?

Unfortunately, sometimes things break or maybe we are not always as capable as we think, to set a WordPress template in motion as we hope.

In a scenario like this, the developer of the WordPress template becomes the most important resource of assistance.

Providing after-sales assistance is not mandatory on ThemeForest (which is still a controversial point) most developers will provide assistance at least basic, because:

  1. it is morally the right thing to do
  2. offering a high level of assistance is certainly a way to improve sales

Until recently, most assistance with WordPress themes took place in the comments section of ThemeForest. Buyers take note of their problems and write them to the developers, or to a developer agent, and they respond by trying to solve the problem.

  • Before buying a Themeforest template, it was once recommended that you read among the comments, how frequent was the response of assistance to a template.
  • Something that is still worth doing today.
  • All this changed in August 2015 when it was born it announced in the support policy section.

The authors of the themes can now include six months of support assistance for their themes, so you can see this shown on the right in the product page of the Themeforest template. Buyers can still extend support for a whole year with a small additional payment, which is very good considering that often many starts from scratch with WordPress.

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