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Perfect House Renovation As Per The Requirement

Buying a house or an apartment to renovate in Paris or in the Paris region is in the minds of many buyers the right way to get a good deal. At a minimum, it is the certainty of having something that perfectly matches his tastes. But we all know nightmare renovation stories in terms of cost and timing. So how do you avoid this? What are the tips to keep buying to rénovation maison a good plan?

Start by not overpaying a property with work

rénovation maison

To make a good deal, the first thing to watch is not to pay for your property with overpriced work. It is simple, right? The problem, goods to renovate are often more expensive than we imagine because they are rare and in demand. Indeed, on the demand side, it is very strong: the French love the work which is often perceived as a way of buying “smart” to “get into the budget”. It is also a way not to pay for the decoration of others. On the supply side, on the other hand, there is a shortage: there are fewer goods to renovate than during the golden age ten years ago when many goods were transformed. The tension is therefore very strong in this market segment.

Two other factors aggravate this shortage of goods and drive prices up: on the one hand, part of the market remains difficult to access for the general public goods sold by notaries after an estate for example or those captured by merchants Goods. On the other hand, TV programs on home staging encourage owners to “revamp” their property first to try to sell more expensive “renovated” than with work to be done.   It is suddenly more and rarer to be able to buy at a very low price a good to renovate even in ruins and especially to hope to make a big capital gain. On arrival, a good purchase consists of first remaining consistent with the market, once the work is done. It’s already a good goal.

Surround yourself with good pros

Another certainty: calling on the right experts is essential, especially in the case of major works that can quickly inflate prices per m2 and risks. To find a good architect, nothing likes word of mouth. But even then, ask him for his book and his past achievements to see what he is capable of and not to go wrong. The choice of a prime contractor is also crucial. Good to know: many startups specializing in work management are successfully developing today, such as Travauxlib, Little Worker, Truster Once the property is found make your second visit with your architect and ask for a feasibility study. Through his expertise, he will be able to detect defects and estimate the cost of the work.

Develop your ability to project yourself

Third tip: you must know yourself well and not overestimate your ability to manage work. This is one of the most stressful and stressful things that anyone can tell you. The ideal is therefore to love it, to have already done it or to be gifted. In fact, you will greatly reduce your costs if you are able to directly manage certain parts of the site and plan ahead.

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