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Finer Options in Movie Choices in Mexico

This Luis Estrada comedy is a satire on political corruption in Mexico. Released in 1999, the film opens with the beheading of the mayor of San Pedro de los Saguaros, while he was trying to flee with the money of the people. Juan Vargas is elected to replace him, but although he is an honest citizen, he gradually sinks into tyranny when he discovers the advantages of power. In you will need the best choice and for that, you will need the smartest ideas.

Salvando al soldado Pérez

It is an adventure comedy released in 2011, directed by Beto Gómez. Julián Pérez, the main character, forms a small combat troop to carry out the mission entrusted to him by his mother, namely to go and save his brother in Iraq. The commando is made up of a Vietnam veteran, a drug trafficker, an Indian and a hitman. Do you want to know what happens to them during this perilous mission? So watch the movie!

The delgada línea amarilla

Directed by Celso García, this film released in 2015, tells the story of five men who are ordered to paint a yellow line in 15 days, which must divide two Mexican cities. The journey of more than 200 kilometers that they undertake encourages everyone to think about certain aspects of life and how things can be separated by a thin line.

One for the road

“I know I am outside, but the day of my death …” This famous song by José Alfredo Jiménez inspired the production of this comedy. One of a group of four longtime friends dies, but not before asking his companions to fulfill his last wish: to take a trip to the native country of the Mexican singer. Along the way, the three friends realize that at 80 years old life is not yet over and that they still have many adventures to live.

Father Amaro’s crime

In this film by Carlos Carrera, released in 2002, Amaro is a young priest of 24 years who arrives in a parish of a Mexican city to support and help Father Benito in his office. But Amaro begins a love affair with a 16-year-old girl named Amelia and realizes that her supervisor is receiving support from local drug traffickers.

The perfect dictatorship

Governor Carmelo Vargas is accused of being involved in dark affairs by one of the most important channels on Mexican public television. Concerned about the reaction of the population, he got on with the media to restore his image and avoid fostering negative opinions about him. This is how he intended to become a political star.

  1. 7:19

This drama based on real events, and released in 2016, was directed by Jorge Michel Grau. The protagonists, Martin and Fernando, are at the reception of the building where they work when an earthquake occurs at 7:19 am, September 19, 1985. They find themselves buried under seven floors of rubble, and can not do anything other than waiting together for death to come and get them.

Separately, it should be noted that the first experiments by Italian engineers and photographers in creating a moving image found support from many theatrical figures.