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Dentistry without a drill: Adults can prevent cavities with the help of Fluoride Varnish

If the dentist’s chair terrifies you, good news! Now you no longer will have to get your molars drilled. The painless medium to prevent cavities from gaining traction is here.

The fluoride varnish seeps right into the enamel and draws the calcium and phosphate, which are naturally conditioned into the saliva. These minerals aid the natural healing process and make them decay resistant. Fluoride is essential for the children as it gives strength to the enamel even before the process of teething begins. The fluoride varnish kills the bacteria producing acid in the mouth. A recent study has revealed that the fluoride renders it difficult for the bacteria to stick to the teeth.

fluoride varnish

What to expect from a Fluoride Varnish Treatment?

The fluoride varnish treatment takes about a minute to be completed. Moreover, few patients are also prescribed a concentrated fluoride gel to be used during the night after the procedure. A study reveals that the fluoride varnish treatment works equally on both children and adults. Over the years, the fluoride varnish treatment has become popular amongst adults.

The treatment is painless, and one might not even notice the difference. However, eating is strictly prohibited for about 30 minutes to an hour after the fluoride varnish treatment. The procedure is effortless; the teeth need to be dried and thoroughly examined. The teeth are cleansed, and finally, a fluoride varnish coating is applied on the teeth. Once it is dried, the varnish stays put and prevents the teeth from further decay.

In the yesteryears, the dentists believed that the only way to deal with cavities and decay was drilling it out. For some instances, it still is the solution; however, drilling does not prevent harmful bacteria from causing more cavities and decay. Tooth decay is a slow process; if it is caught in the earlier stages, the decay can be reversed by using the fluoride varnish.

How does the fluoride varnish treatment help you?

Once the fluoride varnish is applied on the teeth, it attracts multiple minerals. These minerals, on the other hand, strengthens and fortifies the porous enamel of the teeth. Ideally, the fluoride varnish treatment must be undertaken at the time intervals of 6 months. This procedure reduces the risk of tooth decay on the one hand, and on the other hand, it increases the density of the tooth enamel. People of all the age groups can avail the treatment of fluoride varnish.

Who can receive the Fluoride Varnish treatment?

  • People having dental sensitivity
  • People with excessive wear and tear of teeth
  • People having a thin tooth enamel
  • People suffering from the chronic decay of teeth

Care must be taken by the dental expert to apply the right quantity of the fluoride varnish on the teeth. Over application or overdose of the fluoride, the varnish may result in a lot of discomfort to the person. It is always recommended to go to visit a dentist to get the treatment done rather than trying it at home on your self. As the professional has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the product.  They are licensed to practice on the patients.


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