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Dark circles are the worst enemy of a bright glance. So, to restore the glow around the eye, discover the tips, Director Training and Promotion at Shiseido to fight against dark circles. With his advice, get to know your dark circles to better camouflage them and make them disappear. In the blink of an eye, you look fresh and rested. With the trị thâm mắt you can have the best deals now.

What are dark circles?

Dark circles are formidable enemies of the beauty of the gaze. These color variations of the skin, just under the eye, are unsightly and obscure the eye contour at high speed V. Their appearance is often equated with a lack of sleep but it is not the only factor responsible. Indeed, according to your type of rings, bluish or golden, two causes are possible.

The Dark Circles Bluish Or Purple

trị thâm quầng mắt lâu năm

They are linked to poor blood circulation often induced by fatigue. The skin of the eye contour is extremely thin, when the blood circulates badly, it stagnates. Result? Bluish or purplish rings appear.

Dark or Dark Circles

These rings, also known as dark circles, are linked to a natural overproduction of melanin. The eye contour is darker, in shades ranging from gold to brown. Hereditary, these rings are more common in Mediterranean skin.

The right actions to fight against dark circles

The elimination of dark circles begins with a routine beauty to adopt daily: sleep well, avoid smoking and take the time to relax. But, if these basic gestures are insufficient to overcome these unsightly colorations, do not panic, there are solutions even more effective.

To Remove Makeup

A gloomy look is above all a sign of tired skin. So to help restore its radiance and relieve it, good make-up removal is essential. In milk, with oil or a cleaning gel, the objective is to eliminate the impurities which, in terms, tarnish the glance. The skin around the eye is very fragile, because it is very thin, so it is essential to pamper with a real make-up removal that will allow him to breathe and relax. If this phase is sloppy even good care will not have the desired effect.

Apply a Dedicated Treatment

To fade your dark circles, a special eye contour eye care is your best ally. According to dermatologists, the active ingredients will stimulate the circulation and reduce the variations of coloring. In contrast, to note a real effectiveness, it is advisable to apply it morning and evening, always after the day cream because on hydrated skin the care will be even more efficient, and this care from the brow bone to the top of the cheekbone must be applied because the entire area around the eye needs to be nourished.

Massaging the Eye Contour

In order to optimize the effectiveness of your treatment, the ideal is to apply it by performing light massages. These circular massages will optimize the penetration of the care and activate the natural functions of the skin so that the blood circulates better. But if for you it is unthinkable to spend more than five minutes in the bathroom, many brands have imagined concealer with a metal tip that offers the same benefits as a manual massage.

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