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The Perfect Flooring Carpets with the Best fabrics

The quality of carpet wool depends on the age of the animal, its sex, breed, diet, and habitat. The best wool in sheep that graze high in the mountains, in cool areas, it is especially thick and fluffy. The peculiarity of wool products is the ability to regulate the humidity in the room, it is also useful to walk barefoot on them, they have a very positive effect on the biologically active points on the feet Products made of natural wool are very durable, they are not overwritten, easy to clean, and retain heat in poorly heated rooms. When you go for Empire Flooring then it is for sure that you will get the best wools there.


Empire Flooring

These are fibers of plant origin, which have a soft and pleasant to the touch texture, but at the same time, they keep their shape well and do not stretch. Therefore, in the production of carpets, this material is most often used as a base, or combined with other types of yarn. Modern cotton models are made of mercerized yarn, which undergoes additional processing with a concentrated solution of caustic soda, which increases durability, reduces hairiness, and a silky sheen appears. Viscose is an artificial fiber made from cellulose.

  • Viscose pile looks like silk because it is often called rayon. Viscose is often combined with wool is that this gives a spectacular overflow of color in certain parts of the pattern. Viscose carpets are light, thin, and airy. They retain color for a long time; the pile does not wrinkle and does not wear out due to intensive walking.
  • Jute, bamboo, algae are processed vegetable fibers; they are inexpensive, easy to manufacture. Jute fabric is made from the stem of a tropical plant – jute. Products made from these materials have the same surface on both sides, they are very durable, and with a hard texture, so they are often used as the base for fleecy carpets. Fur animals there are natural raw materials, with the original design, undergoing preliminary preparation and processing.

It is more a decorative element, a symbol of luxury, and a special atmosphere of wealth. For the manufacture of such flooring is used as solid skins, and sewn from several parts; they are covered with embroidery and tinted Synthetic materials, are striking in their diversity. Though they are endowed with different properties, they are united by low cost and ease of production, unlimited possibilities in painting, ease of cleaning, and maintenance.

The base of the Carpets

Acrylic is in its appearance is similar to wool and is endowed with its main qualities. Therefore it is very difficult to distinguish high-quality acrylic from natural wool. It is resistant to dirt, is not afraid of moisture and mold, insects, and various microorganisms live in products from it, and the mole does not even start.

Carpets made of acrylic yarns are very bright and colorful; they do not fade for a long time under bright sunshine. Also, it is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers because less dust accumulates with synthetic fibers. Polyamide is a fiber of synthetic origin, which by their properties are very similar to natural ones.

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