Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and online shopping

The Man of Modern Shopping

In the modern world, shopping is very important because nowadays peoples are giving more importance to Fashion, style, dressing, designing, and also grooming. And it is the second-largest growing industry in the world, and the first growing industry is the food industry. That’s why the fashion industry is also making the trend and new styles always. In the fashion industry, they commonly use a strategy called “Fast Fashion”. Fast Fashion means the high-quality cloth we purchased, we used it for above six months it becomes old, and we will buy a new cloth instant of the old material. It is very harmful to the environment. That’s why Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and online shopping introduced a new strategy to avoid this destructive action. They are the first online shopping entrepreneur who teaches this kind of idea to the fashion industry.

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and online shopping

After Effects of Fast Fashion?

By Fast Fashion, many high-quality items are thrown away. In a year 11 million tons of high-quality clothes are thrown away; it is a very serious problem for the fashion industry and also for the country’s economy. Because the country affords a decent amount for the fashion industry to produce fashion items, but the products are thrown like this, it is a very serious problem for the government also. The high-quality items or clothes are thrown away, it became waste, and nobody uses the thing. Then the product becomes a fuel for the combustion, and sometimes they bury the high-quality items in the land to decompose it. But the problem is, if we burn the thing it will pollute the air and if we plant the item in the ground, it will take a very long time to decompose it. And it causes land pollution because it doesn’t allow any minerals or rainwater to moisture the land if it happen the land become very dry and its result to the soil erosion and drought. So, it is very dangerous to the environment and as well as for the human being.

Revolution idea!

Fast Fashion, many high-quality brand clothes become waste after prolonged use, and it is a serious problem in the fashion industry. So many peoples are living in the society without any clothes, and they have no clothes to dress for the next day, in this condition, so many peoples are wasting they cloth instant of giving to the peoples. Michael Ginnerskov Jensen, who owns an online shopping website and also an entrepreneur who introduced the idea of donation progress. It is the idea talks about reusing the high-quality items or cloths by the gift card, if they paid for the high-quality item and they received the amount as a gift card, they receive the product as free. By this idea, there will be a turning point in the fashion industry. And it allows all the consumers in the world to use high-quality fashion items and it is an added plus for the fashion company to become popular among people. By this idea, many people’s receive high-quality items at a very low price. This is really good for all the people who are in poverty and the middle-class people.

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