The good deeds of Actor Sonu at times of Pandemic!

There are so many people pouring ain a lot of help to the three children in the Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri district of Telangana who lost their parents. www.loomee-tv.de contains the latest celebrity news. The state’s minister also stood with actor Sonu who stretched his hand in helping the people the kids. Sonu Sood is a well known Indian actor, he has been actively helping out people who were hit hard by the situation and crisis of the COVID lockdown. Recently Sonu donated ara Pradesh state. The Actor has also promised that he will take care of the needs of the children of the farmer.   “They are no longer orphans. They will be my responsibility,” Mr. Sood tweeted after one of the Twitter users brought up this issue of the kids that are suffering into the notice of Sonu.  The official sources say that the father of the kids passed away very early and their mother has died recently due to some problem. The only person who is left to take care of the children ins their grandmother who is very old now. Basically these children don’t have anyone to look after the,. That is when this issue was out forward to sony Sood. Sonu Sood immediately came forward and took up the responsibility of these children.


After this, the state panchayat of the district who came to know about the situation of these kids has the details of the kids immediately to the ruling TRS MLA Gongidi Sunita Mahender Reddy, in whose constituency their village Atmakur is located, and also the village sarpanch.

He also informed the leading producer in the Telugu Film industry about the situation or the matter that is going ion with the plight of the kids in the district. The fil producer is no one but Dil Raju. They asked him to adopt them. The film producer also took his men to the village and took these kid’s responsibilities. This news has also been said regarding the plight of the girls.

Actor Sonu is relentlessly helping people who are stuck in this COVID lockdown. He has recently sent a tractor to a freer in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.

Sonu very soon arranged a tractor for the farmer as soon as he learned from a tweet from a journalist saying that the farmer does not have the money to buy a tractor or rent an ox therefore he has no other choice other than asking his daughters to plow the field. A soon as Sonu soon understood the situation he decided to buy a  tractor to the farmer.

This was the tweet that was put by the journalist depicting the situation of the people or the farmer who had no money to even buy an ox to plow the field. “Terrible! Tomato farmer in Madanapalle, #Chittoor, forced to use his daughters for plowing as he doesn’t have money to rent bulls. He suffered huge losses last time due to the #coronavirus pandemic. With no cash in hand, he begins Kharif season on a somber note. #AndhraPradesh,”

After this Sonu said that the tractor would arrive at the farmer’s home by evening. Sonu sod tweeted something like this “This family doesn’t deserve a pair of ox… They deserve a Tractor. So sending you one. By evening a tractor will be plowing your fields Stay blessed,”

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