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Energy is just a force or action that provides to do a thing or job from personal effect. It also in a different form, and it changes from one way to another. So in this world, everything is made up of energy only. If humans do any work with the help of power, then they have a salary or appreciation. Likewise, the machine does any job. It causes rates for that energy. Energy rates are in different forms, like voltage in current and calories in science. Most people know that energy rates are mostly used in electricity—most of the private company involved in this field to attain customer and gets a profit in vast. Likewise, a reliant energy company is engaged in this field with the help of government support. Future Reliant Energy Plans are highly secured and confidential. If the correct time comes, they will publish the market plans that attract more customers or people in the country.

Emerging of Industries

The primary purpose of this company is to provide electricity for customers, residential, etc. It was founded in 2000. Headquarters are located in Texas and Houston. It serves 1.5million reliant energy, and it is the largest electricity provider and has 24 million megawatts of power annually. In 2009 reliant energy was sold out to NRG energy, and they continue the electricity business. When sold out, they have 1.8 million customers, and it was the largest electricity provider in Texas. After the NRG Company purchased Reliant energy, they kept the same name. They ran the business because the customer has a satisfaction in that company, so they didn’t change the name of the company. After 2012 only they changed or renamed RRI Energy to survive the wholesale business. US government gives $20million to reliant energy to upgrade the nation’s electricity and is based on the DOE recovery act from the energy department. In 2010, the company got a MaritzCX award for good in customer experience and also CX Excellence Award for good results, transformation efforts, and customer experience from Temkin Group. The utility commission received 120 complaints against reliant, and it includes 20 slamming and five violation crossing in 2017.


Reliant Energy Plans

Ratings they received an A+ rating from better business bureau and complaints were less in the last three years while compared to previous years. In Texas, the electricity industry deregulated in 2002, and 116 retail electric providers are present now. One of the 18 states, Texas, offers a higher level of deregulated electricity to people or customers, and it was the largest residential State to choose the service provider for power. All transmission and distribution of power were handed by Transmission and Distribution Utilities. They provide wires to all REP on non- discrimination basis. They eliminate monopolies, so they give pricing options for residents and business customers. By the following deregulation, they compete with other energy companies in the State, including TXU Corporation and Direct Energy. Now, Reliant Energy company growth was tremendous while compared to other companies. The market shares were massive in the specified period itself. It made a significant impact on customers’ minds, so most customers select this company to provide electricity for the home, and the energy rates are meagre compared to others.