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How Important an Indoor Playground Is for Your Child’s Recreation

Also known as indoor amusement parks or playgrounds, indoor playgrounds are the realm of children under 12 years old. These are structures in volume to climb, crawl, and jump safely as they are equipped with nets and thick carpets. Ball pools, trampolines, monkey bridges everything is there for the kids to let off steam. Space is reserved for toddlers so that they can play without being overthrown by the biggest. Meanwhile, parents have at their disposal a rest area with newspapers and internet and a small cafeteria. Regarding the indoor playgrounds, you will have to click here .

Most Important

  • A real kicker that is unanimously popular among children
  • Practical birthdays
  • Parent space to read or surf the internet
  • The daycare formula sometimes offered (practical for shopping)

The lesser

  • The sometimes excessive price: from 3 to 12 $ per hour according to the parks
  • The noise, very tiring in the long run

Good to know

  • Mandatory socks.
  • Think about the subscription formulas and the “Happy Hours”, to benefit from the best rates.
  • Selection taking into account parent opinions

Internal Parents, note and comment on the parks you know. Your positive opinions make it possible to value the most pleasant and well-maintained places. Share your disappointments that encourage professionals to improve their performance.

An indoor play area should be cleaned regularly. It is therefore necessary to clean every visible surface every week with a damp cloth or soapy water. But that’s not all. Most of the dust and dirt is found in places where children play the least: space under the trampoline, inaccessible areas and less used corners. These places must be cleaned during weekly cleaning. Last tip for easy cleaning: use a vacuum cleaner on battery thus, you will not be bothered by the wires and will quickly and efficiently vacuum everywhere.

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Perform a daily check to maintain the indoor play area

An indoor playground is under severe stress. Although indoor playgrounds are sturdily crafted with the finest materials, wear is inevitable. Light damage often results in greater damage. It is therefore important to report possible damage at an early stage. Experts recommend running a check every day. Check, for example, fastening points of structures, foam tubes, links and nets. Also check if all the obstacles are still hanging in the right place.

Keep toboggans slippery

The toboggans wear out and become rough, which affects safety and fun. The use of a Teflon spray keeps the slide surface smooth. Do not apply the product on the entire surface but only on the first meter. Toboggan users will naturally spread the product over the entire surface.

Make sure to have spare parts from stock

It is always practical to have a few spare parts in stock. Does your indoor play area have a Power Tower or a Spider Tower? It is possible in this case that worn elastic cracks. It is then convenient to have some reserve to quickly replace the broken elastic.

Give candies without packaging

Prepackaged candies are the cause of sticky waste. The packages stick to the structure of the games and collect the dirt. To avoid this situation, it is better to give candies without packaging that also has the advantage of preserving the environment.

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