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Electricity management in households

Electricity is a necessary part of modern life. Mankind uses electric power for machines, computers, colling, and lighting. Few places like Houston allow the residents to choose their plans. Houston Electricity Rates  is dependent on the people. To decrease your home electricity bills, be clear about your home appliances.

Here a list of 10 household items that consume the major electricity in your home.


The use of the heater arranges the internal climate of the house. heating approximately used 27% of your home electricity. Fortunately, there are few alternatives instead of heating. For warming your home, open up your curtains and drapes in the daytime to permit the sunlight to your house and at night prevent the heat from escaping by closing them up.


Maintaining the cool temperature in your house is s hard task. Cooling approximately used 19% of your home electricity. The best way to keep the temperature as per your wish in your home is to buy a programmable thermostat. The programmable thermostat can offer warmth and chill. this can reduce electricity.

Water heaters

Houston Electricity Rates

Water heaters approximately used 10% of your home electricity. There are two types of water heaters. One is a tankless heater another one is a tank-based heater. Always try to choose the tankless water heater. Because it requires less energy.


The refrigerator is responsible for keeping food and perishable things fresh. So the refrigerator is consuming a major amount of energy. Refrigerator approximately used 8% of your home electricity. So the better way to avoid it, choose an efficient refrigerator which consumes less energy than a normal one. While purchasing your appliances keep an eye on the energy star certificate. The devices which has energy star certificate saves people money while protecting the environment as well. If you do not require a new refrigerator, you can save your electricity bill by adjusting the temperature of the fridge between 36 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Electric oven

To prepare the food, an electric oven requires the most amount of energy. The electric oven spreads its heat throughout the house. Electric oven approximately used 3% of your home electricity. Switch from electric oven to microwave oven or toaster to save electricity. A microwave oven does not emit heat as the electric oven does. Trust in other methods of preparation will allow your meal to be cooked faster and tastier.


The dishwasher machine rinses and dries our plates and utensils. A dishwasher approximately used 2% of your home electricity. To reduce the electricity bills through the dishwasher is try hand washing for a scant load. When you use your dishwasher maximize your cleanings. use the washer a few times only for a day.


Individuals use the computer at least once a day. If you like to buy a computer, aware of electricity bills. Computers approximately used 1% of your home electricity. You can choose laptops instead of a computer. Because a laptop requires less energy than a computer.


Though many technologies have emerged, televisions are still used widely. Many people leave the television on while they use their mobile phones. Television approximately used 1% of your home electricity. To reduce the electricity used by television is to turn it off. Television accessories like cable boxes, speakers, or home theatres will no longer be in use once the television has been turned off.