The Ultimate Los Cabos Homebuyer Guide

10 questions you absolutely must do before buying a house

Buying a house is one of the most important choices you can make over the course of a lifetime. That is why before embarking on the purchase, it is important to do (and do) 10 essential questions:

  1. Who is the actual owner of the property?

It is necessary to verify that the seller is the sole holder of the property and that no mortgages or mortgages are pending on the house or that the house is not involved in legal proceedings. Also, find out why the owner wants to sell can help in the negotiations. Also, visit The Ultimate Los Cabos Homebuyer Guide .

  1. Is all the town planning documentation in order?

It is important to ensure that all urban planning documents are in order. In particular, it is necessary to verify the actual existence of the building permit, that the building is actually stacked and that the cadastral plan reflects the actual situation. Furthermore, it is necessary to exclude any building abuses, and if there are small curable differences to deal with, it should be the seller.

  1. What is the actual living area?

The retail area is always higher than the floor area. An apartment of 170 m2 can have a retail area of ​​150 m2.

  1. What is the energy class?

According to the new rules on the bee (energy performance certificate), the seller is obliged to provide the documentation that certifies the energy class of the property.

  1. Are all systems up to standard?

For plants built after 2008, a certification of conformity must be provided, for previous ones, a certificate of compliance is sufficient.

  1. Has the seller paid all the condominium expenses that are due to him?

In the event that anything has been suspended, the buyer may be charged for the expenses of the two previous years.

  1. Are there any extraordinary maintenance operations?

Extraordinary maintenance interventions (such as re-roofing) can be a huge expense for money. This is why it is better to ascertain the already approved expenses (which are due to the seller) or those already planned in the future.

  1. In addition to the cost of the property, will other costs have to be incurred?

If the purchase was made through the intermediation of an agency, it would also be necessary to add the commission of the agent, but also the cost of the notary’s deed and the sale fees

  1. What is the amount of the deposit?

The deposit is paid upon signing the preliminary purchase and can be 10 or 15% of the agreed price.

  1. How much is the mortgage payment?

To support the purchase of a property very often a mortgage is turned on, in order to be sustainable, the loan installment must not exceed 30% of the monthly family income. The Ultimate Los Cabos Homebuyer Guide

These are the options that you will have to be aware of while making the best options out of it. This is the smartest option now, and that makes the whole thing all the more perfect. This is the perfect option for you.

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